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EB Welding Services Palmer
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Bettina Snyder
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General E-mail:
C S Industries LLC is located at:
Palmer Industrial Park
13 Second Street
Palmer, Ma 01069
Phone : (413) 284-1190
Fax : (413) 289-8980
Laser Welding Services Palmer
C S Industries offers Electron Beam Welding, Laser Beam Welding and Resistance Tack Welding. With our unique services we can provide precision welding and fabricating on a variety of parts such as medical / surgical components, automotive, sensors and firearms. Electron beam welding and laser welding are a major part of many industries due to the accuracy and repeatability it offers. With our certified technicians and the latest technology in our welding department, we can weld the most intricate parts with ease.  

Electron beam welding (EBW) is an autogenous (no filler required) process that uses high velocity electrons to quickly melt and join metals with minimal heat input and very little distortion.

Laser welding is an important application of laser material processing technologies. The ability to precisely control parameters such as pulse width, energy level, peak power, frequency, etc. allows the user to shape the laser weld pulses optimized for specific materials. This lends laser technology perfectly suited for micro and small component welding applications such as those required in the electronics, medical components, aerospace, and automotive industries.
Advantages of Electron Beam Welding /Laser Beam Welding:
Welds parts with virtually no distortion
Capable of full penetration welds in a single pass
Welds with zero contamination since the part being welded is in vacuum (EBW)
Typically the weld puddle is one twenty fifth the volume of a TIG weld profile
Weld fusion zone is much narrower than any other fusion process available
A single machine can weld thin to thin, thick to thick and thin to thick material combinations
A single machine can weld thin to thin, thick to thick and thin to thick material combinations
Can weld similar and dissimilar materials. Dissimilar metals must be able to alloy together  in their molten state
Beam parameters very precisely controllable and repeatable to provide high process consistency
Firearms / Defense
Medical Instruments
Medical Components
Industrial Components
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