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Electron Beam Welding Services Palmer
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Bettina Snyder
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C S Industries LLC is located at:
Palmer Industrial Park
13 Second Street
Palmer, Ma 01069
Phone : (413) 284-1190
Fax : (413) 289-8980
Laser Engraving Etching Services Palmer
Laser Marking
Laser Marking and Engraving is a cost effective way to enhance your product with custom logos, barcodes, calibrated scales, serialization or product identification. The industries that require these services are rapidly growing. Our state of the art laser marking systems with 5 axis capabilities allows us to laser mark many products, from cylindrical marking of calibrated bands on surgical components to laser engraving automotive parts with ease. Laser marking can produce permanent images without compromising component integrity. CS Industries can achieve a dark contrast mark by annealing the surface on many metals or provide a deep engrave up to several thousand of an inch deep. We also get exceptional results on anodized parts. Laser Marking and Engraving has become extremely important to the industry due to the repeatability and accuracy it can achieve. CSI has the capabilities to laser mark on flat and cylindrical surfaces along with irregular shape parts.

Our laser marking software has the capabilities of importing many graphic file formats that include PLT, DXF, WMF, EPS, JPG, and GIF. We also have a file conversion utility that can convert your information to our laser marking software.
Anodized Aluminum
Brass / Copper
Coated / Non–Coated Metals
Stainless Steel
Angular/Radial Text
Mirror Imaging
True Type Fonts
Logos / Graphics
Bar Codes
Parts Identification
Alpha-Numeric Serialization
High Accuracy and Repeatability
Date codes / Lot Codes
Large Part capabilities
Medical / Surgical Instruments
Firearms / Defense
Dials / gauges
  Sensors / Automotive
LASER ABLATION - Removing top layer of coated material to expose base material.
LASER ANNEALING - Dark laser mark on surface, no material is removed.
LASER ENGRAVING - Vaporizing surface material to produce depth (.001 - .005).
LASER ETCHING – Shallow engrave producing less than .0001 deep.
LASER THERMAL MARKING – color marking on certain alloys.
What is laser marking/engraving ?
Laser marking or chemical etch?
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